After 11 grueling weeks of 4th year classes, the much-needed winter break finally arrived! Personally, it’s been a hectic year with assignments and workload being a whole other level from the previous year. I know this is probably something students say every year, but it’s the truth and this year was no exception. In need of some time to recuperate from everything, I planned a holiday with my housemates.

Going to Switzerland, a country renowned worldwide for its natural beauty, clear blue rivers and hills has always been on my bucket list. Having been on a snowboarding trip last winter, I decided that this holiday I’d like to spend time seeing more places instead of just staying at one place.

We started out journey from Gatwick and flew to Geneva airport. There wasn’t much see in Geneva so we didn’t spend much time here. We spent a few hours just visiting the points of interest here like the Jet d’Eau, Palace of Nations and the Broken chair.


We then made our way to Lauterbrunnen by train. Having only heard stories about how well the trains and public transport system in Switzerland are operated, I was truly impressed with the punctuality and the cleanliness of the public transport facilities in Switzerland. We transited at Montreux to switch trains. Because we had some time we took a short walk to see the scenery here as Montreux is a town by the shore of Lake Geneva. The scenery here was spectacular. Montreux is also home to the medieval fortress, Chillon Castle. We then took the infamous GoldenPass Line, a line known for showing off the scenic sites of Switzerland.


The next day, we paid a visit to Zermatt, home of the infamous Matterhorn or also known as the ‘Toblerone Mountain’. Unfortunately, there was a storm atop the mountain so we couldn’t get a clear view of the Matterhorn. We practically spent the whole day here with the journey to and from Lauterbrunnen taking up most of our time.


We spent the morning walking around Lauterbrunnen. We had read that Lauterbrunnen had beautiful waterfalls but sadly they were closed from being frozen in winter. We then made our way to Interlaken where we visited the cave in a mountain where monks used to reside. Lake Geneva could be seen from this cave.




We then made our way to Luzern. Here we went on top of Mt Pilatus and Mt Rigi and the view was breathtaking! The snowcapped mountains were sceneries that just cant be described, so ill just let the pictures do the talking


We ended out trip in Basel, where we flew back to Stansted.

Swiss Serendipity

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