Having spent the past year in Southampton, the most popular question that people ask me is, what’s there to do in Southampton? As clichéd as this might sound, there’s something for everyone! My favourite place would have to be in Southampton’s Common. Personally, I enjoy green areas and Southampton Common is practically a huge park. You can go there for a game of frisbee, have a picnic with a couple of friends or even enjoy a slow walk or jog around the park. Riverside Park is also another popular destination. It is close to the Wessex halls of residence and is therefore a popular destination for students to carry out their recreational activities as well.


Image taken from Wessex scene

Football fans would know that England is home to arguably the best football league in the world. Southampton football club is currently in this prestigious league so a trip to St Mary’s stadium is a must! For the ultimate experience, I recommend attending a game. Southampton are also in the Europa League and therefore offers a rare opportunity to catch a European game.


For those of you keen on music and night entertainment, there is plenty to do. There are a number of nightclubs, the most popular being Oceania in the city. There are also a number of venues that offer a variety of entertainment. Make sure to check out what’s on in places like the Nuffield theatre, O2 Guildhall Southampton and Mayflower theatre as there are fascinating events held at these venues throughout the year.

Most of you probably already know by now that Southampton is a port town. Unfortunately, there are no beaches here in Southampton, but you can always head down to Ocean Village for a nice walk by the Marina.

For those of you who are more adventurous, there is also plenty to do in the neighbouring areas of Southampton. Stonehenge is approximately an hour away from the University and is a must visit, being one of the wonders of the world. Another cultural heritage is the old town of Winchester. It is a lovely place just to go for a day trip to walk around its medieval looking city. Bournemouth and Brighton are also popular nearby destinations for their beautiful beaches.

When in Southampton

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