How time flies! It’s the near to the end of the summer holiday when every student is studying hard to catch up with the syllabus. However for me, it is the time when the love for the village of Tronoh to be frozen in time, as the most pleased memories to be engraved in my heart.

As usual I woke up in the morning, holding a cup of tea and look at the scenery across the corridor of my hostel apartment. Since this was the last day that i will be in Perak, one of Malaysia’s largest states, I snapped a photo for it as a piece of memory.


So I went to Tronoh village to take some photos as keepsakes, as well as to share with the readers how peaceful and serene the environment is like over here. It is merely just 5 minutes away by car from the place where i lived, extremely convenient to find groceries, cheap foods and fruits.

Tronoh road sign

I was utterly hungry at that point of time, hence I headed straight to one of the newly opened shops.All I could order was a cup of iced coffee and a plate of “sambal” fried rice as the main chef was out-stationed. The food and drink looks aesthetically ordinary however the taste is exceptionally delicious with the soft fried rice and remarkably fresh prawns infused with the rich sambal taste. The foamy coffee iced drink has a strong aroma and the milk cream flows smoothly through the throat. The combination of iced coffee and spicy sambal fried rice was a perfect lunch meal on a hot sunny day!

Delicious food!

Upon finishing the food, I sneaked into the kitchen to see what was happening. The chefs were cooking continuously in a noisy as well as steamy kitchen. All I could heard at that time was the shouting of unstoppable ordering and the fast-paced clanging sounds of woks and spatulas. I sincerely admired the chefs who are cooking passionately in such a hot and harsh environment, in the hope to satisfy the taste buds of their patient customers.

Hardworking chefs in the steamy kitchen

I took a photo outside of the restaurant where i had my lunch.

Outlook of the food restaurant

After filling my stomach with fried rice, I took a walk around the Tronoh village. The Tronoh village consists of two main streets, the following photos shows the first and the second street.

First Tronoh street
Second Tronoh street

The main transportation around the village was bicycle. Most of the bicycle was possibly purchased from this old-time bicycle shop (see photo below). The owner was still chatting with his friend when i took the photo. He looked extremely kind and humble even though the conversation was disturbed by me!

One of the bicycle shops in Tronoh

After a few more walks along the street, i saw a plain and dated shop. From the left it was a hairdresser and from the right it was a news agent. What an interesting combination! And here’s a bonus, you should read the old Chinese shop name from right to left!

Mixed shop

Walking across an alleyway…


To my surprise and luck, there was a pasar malam, or night market going on because It was a Friday!

Greengrocer in pasar malam
Fishmonger in pasarmalam
Fishmonger in pasar malam
Satay stall in pasarmalam
Satay stall in pasar malam
Untie was about going to the pasarmalam!
Aunty is on her way to the pasar malam to sell her homegrown fruits!
Untie was shy initially but accept to be in the photo :)
Aunty was initially shy but later on she agreed to be photographed.
Hot and creamy jagung stall!
Hot and creamy corn!

Upon leaving the village, I also took a photo of the beautiful primary Chinese school.

Tronoh chinese school
Tronoh primary Chinese school

Tronoh is one of the most peaceful and charming village that i ever been. The fusion of Malay-style pasar malam in a Chinese dominated village was a proof of the possibility of cultural assimilation. Every race was living harmoniously together. Most of them are extremely friendly to everyone including outsiders “those can’t speak Cantonese”.

A child caught my attention when i was about to take a photo

The unpolluted rivers, flourished and lush crops, and the breezy winds along with the enchanting birdsong in the sky allow Tronoh to manifests the unblemished view of the nature that modern city citizens could not experience.

Magnificent view of secret garden in Tronoh village
Magnificent view of the secret garden in Tronoh village

This is definitely one of the best experiences that I have appreciated and cherished. Hope you feel the same way too!

The village of Tronoh

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