Cause it’s too darn hot.


With Malaysians now experiencing hot and dry weather caused by the El Nino phenomenon, the Malaysian Meteorological Department has also predicted that the situation will only end in May or June. Thanks to that, temperatures range from 38~40 degrees Celsius around lunch time.

Therefore, here are a 5 things to keep in mind to aid in the retreat from the heat.

1. Dress Lightly

Wear loose fitting, light coloured attire as they will help you to stay relatively well ventilated and cool. Bright clothing is touted to reflect more wavelengths of light than dark, so the light is not converted into heat and the temperature of the object (one’s clothes in this case) does not increase noticeably. That the slack clothing would let the sweat dry off quicker(and hide post-festive feasting fats from showing) is a nice bonus as well.

2. Stay Hydrated

Keep a bottle close to hand, especially if one is mobile throughout the day. Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia where there is an abnormally high core body temperature. With a high core body temperature, the body reacts by increasing the amount of sweat produced. Which may lead to dehydration if there is insufficient fluid intake.

3. Take Cool Showers

Or just bathe more regularly. One can cool down significantly and wash of the sweat accumulated during the warm humid parts of the day. A study had been made that showed that taking a cold shower regularly can help to stimulate the vascular and lymph system to produce more immune cells which actively fight infections in your body. Alternatively, soaking in a warm tub is more relaxing both physically and mentally, reducing tense muscles and improving blood circulation. Plus it’s good personal hygiene.

4. Reschedule

Avoid going out or taking part in activities the warmest part of the day. Things cool down to a moderate level and makes for a fun night out shooting the breeze with friends at local coffee shops or one’s favorite Malaysian mamak. Decision making, at times an arduous process, can’t be made easily when hampered by the blazing heat and unpleasant environment. Endeavour to come to an accord regarding important decisions in the early part of the day when the mind is still relatively uncluttered and focused on the matter at hand.

5. Don’t Panic 

Keep calm. Make plans to counter the sweltering heat, if it is truly required to venture into the blistering outdoors, choose to take refuge in the myriad of air-conditioned shopping malls or hipster cafes that have recently taken Malaysia by storm, popping up like mushrooms after a shower. These businesses set up by ambitious young entrepreneurs are more than happy to entertain potential customers, who more often than not, take part in the social craze that is Instagram or Twitter(providing much appreciated free advertisement).

Of course these aren’t the only ways to beat the heat. Some would also recommend exercising to help work up a sweat to cool down. Personally, a swim would sound best for that option, with plenty of sunscreen if that includes a trip to the beach(with appropriate beverages to accompany).

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Beat the Heat

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