Southampton’s Malaysian Student Association organized their second Malaysian Night on Saturday the 13th of February.
For those of you who don’t know, Malaysian Night or more commonly referred to as MNight for short, is an event held to celebrate and showcase our heritage. Malaysian associations from different universities across the country organize a night in order to display our unique culture and values. This is normally done as a play that is held on a single night where our various art, music, folklore and literature are incorporated such. Some even go as far as to share the variety of unique cuisines.

MNight 2016 Poster
This year, as can be seen by the poster above, the title of our MNight was Back to School. It tells the story of an aspiring boy about to give up on his dreams. He is reminded by his friends the values he had thought them in school and help raise his spirit to pursue his dreams. Aside from the central theme of racism and growing up, to make it even more enjoyable, comedy was also a big part of the play.

I had the pleasure of performing in this production and also being part of the production committee. My character was a surprise and are only for the eyes at Thornden Hall on the day. As for my part in the committee, I was entrusted the role of HR leader. My roles include organizing auditions, replacing cast and crew members should they not be able to resume their post and ensuring that all cast and crew are in good spirits.

Mnight 2016
Picture Credit: Daniel Khoo

Thankfully, MNight was carried out smoothly with minimal hiccups. It was a pleasure working with such a diverse and multi-talented crew. Personally, it was a great new experience as I had never been part of such a production. I hope for those who had the chance to catch the show enjoyed it as much as we had producing

Southampton Malaysian Night 2016: Back to School

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