The University of Southampton Malaysia CampusĀ provides comprehensive engineering programmes from electrical to aeronautical master degree.Ā As well as theĀ competent educational resources here, University of Southampton is also one of the most research-focused universities, which emphasizesĀ leading-edge technologies. I would like to share my educational experiences andĀ the advantagesĀ I haveĀ benefited from since startingĀ at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus.

First and foremost, University of Southampton Malaysia Campus has been really providing far-ranging educational material as well as high teaching qualities to the students here in the campus.Ā The detailed verbal explanations delivered during lectures and thorough interpretations with written notes, have absolutely helped me to further understand the intricate theories in different subjects.Ā Not thatĀ long ago, Professor John Atkinson delivered his clear objectiveĀ lectures at the campus. Beside of the theoretical, USMC also motivates and supports freshman like us in participating in research internships as well as industrial internships.Ā  The distinct quality of education and the well-organized education system provided by University of SouthamptonĀ is really shaping me into a far more competent and experienced engineer.

In addition to the academic side, my engineering course has been quite a thought-provoking journey. Most of us will wake up earlier in the morning and spend the rest of the day in the campus. Sometimes it is a luxury to be able to see the grasses awakening with splashes of vibrant color and the breezy wind blows on the face. More often, we willĀ go for an unwind trip after stressful examination to chill out. This time, we went to Desaru Beach for a BBQ session. In the end, we had loads ofĀ fun and countless memories afterĀ the trip, and it seems like everythingĀ we have been promised has always come true…

Photo by Nursyafiqah Ronhazli @ Desaru 31/1/2016
Photo by Nursyafiqah Ronhazli @ Desaru 31/1/2016
As We Have Promised

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