EEP Training session 4

Session 4: Working with WordPress and blogging while abroad (1 hour)

The aims of this session were to:
  • Provide practical training in using the WordPress blogging platform;
  • Give students prompts for initial blog posts and ideas for how to use the blog while abroad;
  • Discuss any final project information or questions.
Outline of content:

A colleague from the university’s Institute for Learning Innovation and Development delivered the first part of the session, focusing on how to use the WordPress platform to create blog posts, add images and video, and comment on other students’ posts. The session was held in a workstation room so all students were able to create their first blog post within the session.

We gave students prompts for two initial blog posts and discussed other topics they might consider writing about while abroad. These included: rough fieldnotes on particular events, interactions, or conversations; recorded interviews or short videos; a link to a media or online source with some reflection on its content and relation to the topic; photographs, maps, lists, or ephemera compiled as part of research with reflective comment on them; or more personal reflections on the process of collecting data.

Time was left at the end for any further questions. We also distributed audio recorders and video cameras during the session.

Notes for guidance:
  • Although WordPress is fairly straightforward to use, it was useful for students to be able to work with it before going abroad to familiarise themselves with the platform. The trainer provided an easy to follow handbook for using WordPress that was made available to all students as well.

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