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LANG2005 Course Outline

This is the course outline for the module LANG2005: Ethnography for Language Learners, run by Dr Heidi Armbruster at the University of Southampton. WEEK 1-¬†Introduction: What is an ethnographic approach? You will be introduced to some of the fundamental principles of ethnography: ethnography as cultural learning, data as always interpreted in context, the notions of ‚Äėmaking strange‚Äô and reflexivity. Continue reading →

Introducing ethnography to students

Many (if not most!) undergraduate students in Modern Languages or other Humanities disciplines will not have heard of 'ethnography' and may not know what it means to carry out research using 'ethnographic methods'. In our experience, students tend to associate ethnography with more general forms of qualitative research, seeing interviews, questionnaires or focus groups as the main means of gathering data. Continue reading →