EEP Training Session 1

Session 1: Introduction to the project (1 hour)

The aims of this session were to:
  • introduce the project and ideas behind it;
  • provide guidelines for students about the project and an initial bibliography;
  • have an initial discussion of student projects;
  • assess and discuss further training needs.
Outline of content:

The project team introduced themselves and provided some background to the ideas behind the project, then presented the guidelines for students in terms of training sessions and expectations while abroad. There was discussion of the relationship between this project and the normal YARP requirements.

Students were asked to introduce themselves and give a brief summary of their proposed project (they had not yet submitted their formal proposals). This was our first opportunity to provide students with feedback on the projects and how they could pursue them using ethnographic research methods.

Further plans for training sessions were presented, with an opportunity to assess student experience with ethnographic methods and using WordPress for blogging.

Notes for guidance:
  • Students need to be encouraged to make their projects more ‘ethnographic’: based on participant observation over other methods (questionnaires, interviews, media analysis).
  • Students may need guidance in thinking about how to identify a clear ‘site’ or a clear group of people to work with.

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