Neolithic enclosures on social media

Screen capture of the Facebook page 'Neolithic Enclosures' Adara López López and Víctor Jiménez Jáimez have created a Facebook page and a Twitter account aimed at enthusiasts of European Prehistory in general and Neolithic enclosures in particular. If you are interested in these topics, you will find there a place to learn more about specific sites as Stonehenge, Avebury, Goseck or Perdigões, the lastest news, information about events and conferences, images, links, etc. They also would like to hear from you, so feel free to send them comments, photos and information in general about these archaeological sites.

Like them on the Neolithic Enclosures Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at @NeoEnclosures!

Screen capture of the Facebook page 'Neolithic Enclosures'


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