Message from the Blog Editor

Message from the Blog Editor

The aim of the CIMH is to unite researchers and clinicians across the broad area of mental health research to develop and deliver meaningful and useful research, knowledge and treatments. Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists along with partners in schools and NHS services want to make sure this work is accessible and useful to those who will benefit from it most.  We hope to write about our research, and related topics, on this blog to support this aim. 

The blog will also give our trainees and students the opportunity to work on their science communication skills, which is an increasingly desirable and important skill in psychology and healthcare research. We also hope to use this blog to improve our public engagement and public involvement activities, and increase lab transparency by sharing project updates.

We will post submissions to the blog by lab members about any relevant topic. We would also encourage submission from people with experience of mental health or other related service use. This might be about participation in a study, about some research you find interesting, or advice for lab member on how to engage with individuals and organisations that may be interested in research.

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