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Life and Death at the British Museum

I went to the British Museum yesterday, to check out the Life and Death Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition. Not being a real archaeologist, its not something I know a lot about (despite a discussion on the subject the Narrative Tools meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago). For those who haven’t been, if you can get a ticket, it’s worth going. Items from the two ruined cities are brought together and and displayed in galleries that take you on a tour of an archetypical house. Continue reading →

Secret streets of Britain’s Atlantis are revealed

Kristian Strutt:Fascinating blog on the town of Dunwich. Originally posted on University of Southampton's Noticeboard: In a project led by Professor David Sear of Geography and Environment, the most detailed analysis ever undertaken has been carried out  looking at the archaeological remains of the lost medieval town of Dunwich, dubbed ‘Britain’s Atlantis’. Continue reading →

Pulling spaces out of narrative

While I’m looking at (broadly) how narratives can be told across space, I gatecrashed an interesting seminar today looking at how spaces (thats places, not the space between the words) can be pulled out of narratives and mapped. Its all part of the Spatial Humanities project at Lancaster University. Patricia Murrieta-Flores visited Southampton (her old alma mater) today to share some of the work she has been doing as a proof of concept for the idea. Continue reading →