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Is it 1:20 am? Or is it 8:20pm?

Trying not to go to bed at 8:20, though I REALLY wanted to a couple of hours ago. I’m trying to stay awake though to better adjust to local time. So forgive this little travelog, It is, after all my very first international conference, so I’m allowed just a little excitement. My day started at 5am. UK time. My lovely wife drove me to the airport in time to get through security by 6:33. Then of course, having got through so quickly I had an hour to wait before my gate was announced. Continue reading →

The Narrative Structure of Skyrim

Fresh from my excitement after mapping the narrative structure of Red Dead Redemption in Prezi, was inspired to do the same with Skyrim. Half a day into that I realised I was mad, and modified my ambitions. So this presentation ignores the Radiant quests and deals just with the “scripted” ones. Any gamers out there will note that it doesn’t include any of the downloadable content either. Continue reading →

Days in the life of a Volunteer – part 2

Reblogged from Basing House Project Blog: Here is the second of Andrew's volunteers' diary posts. Hope you enjoy it. Wednesday 31st July A good day for visitors with many of them taking a trip through the tunnel.  We had the usual mix. These included high speed children, children who went through several times, adults who had been through as children and even the adults who spend their entire trip in fits of the giggles. Continue reading →

Archaeology and Skryim: a Qualitative Survey

Reblogged from Archaeology, Academia and Access: I've been holed up for the past few weeks, frantically reading, thinking and writing! Finally I've reached the point where my deceptively simple survey is ready to be released. For those who haven't been following my previous posts, I'm a masters student studying the significance of the past in videogaming and videogaming culture. My case study is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Continue reading →

Day 1 – De-Turfing begins! – by Callum

Callum My name is Callum and I’m studying History and Archaeology at Southampton University. What I’m most looking forward to about Basing House is using techniques and technology’s that they didn’t have on the excavations in the 60′s. — First Day Morning We set off from Southampton at half past eight looking forward to our first look at the Basing house in the flesh. Continue reading →

Portus Field School Week Two: canals, boats and local residents

The second week of the field school started in reflective mood, with a wander down the length of the Roman canal or Fossa Traiana that still forms the principal link between the modern town of Fiumicino, the coast and the Tiber. In spite of the balmy weather and the tranquil evening, the sea was in restless mood, with the waves breakingon the breakwater, and waves channelling up the canal, one after the other, pitching the fishing boats against the edge of the jetty. Continue reading →

Excavation and Survey at Portus: the first week of the 2013 field school

It isn’t difficult to understand the draw of working in fascinating or beautiful places on archaeological sites which represent pivotal moments in European history, and the case of Portus is no exception. This is a site and landscape close to my heart and research interests, more in terms of the development of the broader Tiber delta, than the Roman port per se. Continue reading →

Survey and Excavation at Cranborne Chase

After a few weeks of survey in the New Forest, teaching of practicals and writing up of some papers, it was good this week to get back out in the field with staff and students from the University of Southampton. This time we headed out to Dorset for excavation and survey at Down Farm on Cranborne Chase, with teams of students involved in excavation, finds processing and recording, together with some topographic survey and magnetometry. Continue reading →