Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology @ Southampton

To celebrate the start of a new academic year here at Southampton, we have launched a new website to showcase some of our bioarchaeology, palaeopathology and osteology research. This launch is happening that very same week that aspects of our collaborative research with Historic England and Bioengineering (here at Southampton) are being talked about at the European Union in Brussels!

But why are we called BOS? Bioarchaeology & Osteoarchaeology at Southampton – but that much is obvious…
Bos, however, isSkull_of_aurochs also the genus name for cow Рand this highlights the fact that we work with both humans and animals.
Although most of our research students work on questions relating to human groups and human populations, we also question the interactions between humans and animals Рsuch as how diseases spread from one group to another, or how foods are produced and consumed.

This website is a work-in-progress Рplease keep checking back to find out more of what we are doing! We will be demonstrating some of the research we do, our teaching and our outreach work with local schools.

Our staff and students are very much involved in both national and international organisations in the field, such as BABAO and the Paleopathology Association.

Stubbs Cheselden



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