27 June 1916

Stood by before dawn as usual, dismissed at four thirty.

At six thirty our old friend the white raider appeared, flying very high. He circled round a bit and flew off in the direction of Kantara, but I don’t think he would have got so far as he was back again within 20 minutes flying much lower, and looked very pretty with the sun on him – much more graceful lines than our machines too. He was just circling over us when to our great delight we saw one of our machines coming from the direction of Port Said and flying about the same height as the raider. As soon as the Boche saw him he turned tail and there was a thrilling chase right over the camp. Our machine seemed to catch up a bit and then the Boche opened fire on him with his machine gun and it looked as if our own plane was hit, as he turned off at once and went away over the sea towards Port Said. The raider disappeared too, but about ten minutes later came back again much higher, finished his reconnaissance, and cleared off.

Bathed this morning, but the water was too hot for pleasure.

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