22 June 1916

Buxton left this morning.

A wire came in this afternoon that an officer was to go down and report at Romani at once. I went down and when I got there I was ordered to go out with two teams with an Australian convoy of three hundred camels to Ogratina. They were taking out supplies to the 7th Australian Light Horse, who’ve been out on a stint to Bir Al Abd and are going to bivouac at Ogratina. But no further orders as to what our share in the stint was to be were forthcoming, so I just had time to get together rations for 24 hrs and had to start straight away.

We got to Katia about seven pm and halted there for a few minutes, which was quite long enough as the stink of dead horses was awful. We then pushed on the remaining six miles to Ogratina and got there at midnight. It was a very slow march but the camels can’t get along very fast and I had to go at their pace as there was only a rather limited escort and we all had to keep together.
Watered the horses at a well at Ogratina and tied them up to some palms for the rest of the night. It was pitch dark and no moon.

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