7 March 1916

No order for us to go on yet.
I went up into the town this morning with Bradley to get one or two things. This afternoon all three of us took a gharri and went to see a native catacomb. An extraordinary sight, it is an underground burial place, and you can see all the tombs of the old kings and queens and their families. You can look through a little hole in some of the tombs and see the bones. We went and had tea at the Union Club and then took another gharri with a pair of grey arabs and drove to the Nouzha gardens; they were very pretty indeed, and there was also a small zoo in them. Our driver tried very hard to sell us one of his arabs, but there was nothing doing. We dined at a funny sort of restaurant place in the town and then had a look at the Casino, but it was rather a rotten show.
I hope they won’t keep us hanging around here long, as there is nothing for the men to do.

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