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Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Southampton- Driving Discovery and Positive Impact

May 14, 2013
by Guy Poppy

Riding the wave of recent successes Multidisciplinary Research Week and the inaugural University of Southampton TEDx conference, Director of Multidiscplinary Research Professor Guy Poppy (pictured) blogs here to give further insight into his fascinating work…

Professor Guy M Poppy's photo

At the University of Southampton we recognise that a range of research competencies are necessary to devise and apply integrative solutions to today’s most pressing societal challenges.

This new holistic approach to research is inspired by the drive to solve complex questions and address the multifaceted nature of high priority issues such as ensuring energy and food supply, biomedical ethics, sustainable resources, population health, and an ageing population.

That is why the University of Southampton has opened up the traditional approach to research with one that transcends research boundaries. We have established a number of multidisciplinary research groups that we call USRGs (University Strategic Research Groups) as well as Institutes which provide a unique, cross-disciplinary research community of over 2000 academics, staff and students working to address key national and international priority research areas, as well as driving forward scholarly understanding within disciplines.

See my latest interview Multidisciplinary Research Week.

Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Southampton acts as a mode of discovery and education. This holistic approach has had a positive impact on the culture of the University of Southampton over the past 6 years through providing a model which supports cross-disciplinary research excellence and links our academics to decision makers and the general public.

Our USRGs and Institutes are working on the frontiers of knowledge in a range of areas that drive academic excellence and positive impact in policy and public debate. It is really exciting to see ones research have influence and impact in many ways beyond those usually reachable in academia. Clearly the funders of research see this as important too as does the REF2014 exercise where impact case studies have been introduced.

One of the extraordinary achievements of the past six years has included the development of our annual Multidisciplinary Research Week. Now in its third year, #MDRWeek has grown into what has become a significant role here in the University of Southampton in showcasing the diverse quality of our cross-disciplinary research and driving effective influence to policy and the broader community.

Our recent Multidisciplinary Research Week 2013 is an excellent example of how cross-disciplinary research can have a positive change here at the university in stimulating debate, innovation and inspiring ‘ideas worth spreading’.

Full details about our #MDRWeek 2013 can be found here.

Multidisciplinary Research has delivered much already and promises more.
I am convinced that developing this unique cross-disciplinary model and building on the foundation of research excellence, the University of Southampton will be even more successful in the future in developing research that benefit humanity and change the world.

Full details about all of our multidisciplinary research initiatives can be found below.

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