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Lessons from the Zooniverse Project by Chris Lintott

April 26, 2015
by Lisa Harris via WSI | WSI

Professor Chris Lintott’s Distinguished Lecture in tweets and photos as curated by Student DigiChamp Bartosz Paszcza: [View the story “Lessons from the Zooniverse project: Professor Chris Lintott” on Storify]

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Making a Difference – or Maintaining Global Inequalities? Perspectives on International Aid Work

April 6, 2015
by Silke Roth via Work Thought Blog

Aid work – that is work for humanitarian and development agencies is attractive to men and women in all stages of life, after school or university, in mid-life or in retirement. Involvement in development and humanitarian relief promises meaningful and challenging work and provides opportunities for ‘making a difference’. Aid work encompasses a wide range […]

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