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Music & the Digital Economy- Upcoming Seminars

June 4, 2013
by Alison Simmance




Don’t miss out on the following two upcoming DE Lunch-time seminars relating to music and the web!

Learn about how digital music is driving the web economy at  ‘The Web and the Songlines of the Global Village’ by Ronise Nepomuceno on the 19th June.


 The talk will focus on highlighting locations with a strong dominance of Independent Music and their strategies on the use of the web for the production and distribution of music. We will also discuss the effect this has on other creative areas and the way the relationship of the public with music is changing. Read more on the DE website.



Discover what the new ‘digital liveness’ exercise is at ‘Walk inside a piece of music via the 3D Binaural Audio Rendering Engine’ by Ben Mawson on the 22nd July.


The talk will outline some of the technical challenges in building 3DBARE and the musical compositions using space as an expressive layer which Ben has developed over the past two years, during his PhD research. These include the ongoing ‘Audio Portrait of a City’, spread across Southampton’s green spaces and the early stage project ‘Listening for Infection’ (a proposed collaboration between Music and the Faculty of Medicine), exploring biomedicine through sonic gamification. Read more on the DE website.


All DE Lunch-time seminars are free to attend and lunch is provided. All are welcome.

Full details at:

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