Videos about Fieldwork

Here are some videos for our more visually-oriented ethnographers, covering observation and qualitative interviewing techniques.

The Qualities of a Good Qualitative Researcher

A bit of fun, but also a very useful guide to ethnographic observation and note-taking.

Example of a BAD Qualitative Research Interview

Try and spot the (many) mistakes this researcher makes…of course it’s going to be impossible to avoid all of them in your own research, but being aware of the right approach will help you to get the most out of interviews, as well as making sure your participant feels good at the end of it!

Example of a GOOD Qualitative Research Interview

This is based on interviewing for research in the health services but is equally relevant to any form of qualitative research – you don’t need to watch the whole thing, just get a general feel for her approach, demeanour and question-style.