Structure of the Workshop

This is an entirely new workshop, and we propose three parts.

Part 1: A debate between selected experts in the field, who discuss a challenging proposition such as ‘Corporate data cannot be used for public good’. The aim of this first hour is to flesh out the different positions on Data Sharing institutions, engage the audience, and provide a common frame of reference to position the subsequent papers in the discussion.

Professor Dame Wendy Hall (University of Southampton, author of the Independent Review on Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK) will be one of our debaters.

Part 2: Three or four papers by academics from different disciplines, which illustrate relevant research in their field. These will be from a wide a range of disciplines such as statistics, sociology, psychology, education, information technology and politics. Academics will be invited to submit papers – the organising committee will select the papers to be presented (see below for details).

Part 3: A plenary discussion examining how the previous speaker’s topics relate to each other and the potential for future research, including agreeing future actions.