BH poetry as ART

On 29th November 2021 Dr Pearl John and Dr Sadie Jones piloted a version of the Black Hole (BH) poetry workshop with Fine Art Undergraduate students at Winchester School of Art. The artists were given a very general brief to create a piece of art work inspired by what they had learned from a talk about the black hole research and the scientific method by Sadie and Pearl.

15 pieces of art were created in the 3 hour long pilot workshop, a few examples are shown below.

artworks shown by Shelby Gove, Esme Keenley and Rhiannon Richardson.

To see a more of the art work created in this session in November go the ‘BH artwork’ page.

At the end of the workshop 14 of the artists took part in a vevox quiz, some of the findings from the quiz are presented below:

92% of the artist participants rated the workshop with a 4 or 5 out of 5 for enjoyment.

84% of the artists felt either very informed or moderately informed on science, science research and developments as a result of the workshop.

77% of the artists either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement ‘As a result of the workshop today on Black Hole research I now feel that ‘I’m clever enough to under science and technology’

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