UKLFT is the STFC-funded Virtual Centre for UK Lattice Field Theory. It currently comprises 35 academics from 10 different UK institutions. Its mission is to:

  • organise an Annual Meeting with topical talks with speakers from both within the UK and beyond, and a poster/5 minute seminar session to assist younger researchers to introduce their work
  • organise training, ranging from hackathon-style events focussed on the mastery of new architectures or coding techniques, to workshops for reviews and case studies of new algorithms or analysis techniques such as Machine Learning
  • provide T&S support for early career researchers to visit other UK groups to exchange techniques, master code, and foster collaboration
  • fund short-term visitors from overseas, both to extend existing collaborations and to travel to other UK groups to make fresh contacts

The UKLFT Virtual Centre is currently managed by a Board comprised as follows:

  • Gert Aarts (Swansea)
  • Christine Davies (Glasgow)
  • Vincent Drach (Plymouth)
  • Simon Hands (Liverpool)
  • Andreas Jüttner (Southampton)
  • Tony Kennedy (Edinburgh)
  • Arttu Rajantie (Imperial)
  • Christopher Thomas (Cambridge)

Other virtual centres: Fundamental Physics UK, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology