Cast your minds back a couple of months to the end of May…

The research project took part in a community outreach festival called Riverfest. This was a good opportunity for the project to conduct field research while engaging with a large section of the local community. Many residents knowledgeable about the area were able to give us their contact information, and a few more were interested in following the project. Personally, I believe that the exercise was successful in bringing awareness of the project to the community; one on one interviews with those willing to offer their time would be very helpful and exciting! Overall I’d say that the project’s involvement with Riverfest was a success as we collected many leads which will be eagerly followed up.

Our stand at Riverfest, displaying information about the Remount Depot, the US Naval Airfield and Netley Military Hospital.      

Riverfest 27/05/17 by Matthew Murphy

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