The Future Photonics Hub is exploring photonics integration across all major technology platforms for the first time ever, working with partners and end-users in industry to improve cross-platform capability, reliability, yield and to reduce costs.

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We are delighted that in accordance with Government guidance encouraging laboratory-based research to be resumed in a safe manner, the cleanrooms and laser laboratories have now been re-opened for priority research and development work.

This has been carried out following risk assessments and significant changes to operating procedures to ensure safety is maintained on site at all times.

We are operating with reduced occupancy and added hygiene so that the rules on social distancing and good practice are met.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is our utmost priority, and Government advice continues to be that those who can work from home should continue to do so.

This is good news for our research and enterprise activities that have been impacted by the campus shutdown and means PhD students can continue their studies.

We are enormously grateful to our sponsors and staff for bearing with us in these difficult times. Your generous support ensures our community continues to thrive. Thank you.

Professor Sir David Payne

Read our 2020 Annual Report below.

Future Photonics Hub Annual Report 2020

The Hub will focus on understanding, adapting and integrating photonics in four critical technology platforms: high performance silica optical fibres; light generation and delivery; Silicon photonics; and large-scale manufacture of metamaterials and 2D materials.

By exploiting new functional materials and processes, we will improve the manufacturability and integration of photonics, leading to low-cost manufacturing and accelerating the wider adoption of photonics technology.

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