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MDR Week: Blog no 9- Be a Green Shopper

March 15, 2013
by Alison Simmance

Join Alison Simmance and members of the Green Academy, WSA and the Sustainability Science at Southampton USRG to create your own eco-friendly shopping bag from recycled material (the University 60th Anniversary ‘Changing the world’ campaign banners) at the drop in session ‘Be a Green Shopper’ on Thursday 21st March. Further details about this fun drop-in session can be found below.


Be a Green Shopper




In 2011, I had the privilege to volunteer with a small charity to provide disadvantaged communities in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya with humanitarian support, resources and assistance to help educate vulnerable school children in the community.

During my time spent in Nakuru, I visited the Gioto Garbage Slum which is home to an estimated 600 people (50% children) whose lives are balanced on more than 50 years of waste deposited from the local region. Here, I witnessed the inspiring work of local women. To help alleviate the inhabitants from poverty, an innovative business – the Nakuru Women’s Plastic Recycling Business – was developed with the local community which provides women with an ingenious way to earn money by creating purses and handbags from recycled plastics.

Inspired by this innovation, I created the ‘Be a Green Shopper’ initiative which I will be launching during the Multidisciplinary Research Week 2013. Working in association with the University’s Winchester School of Art and the Green Academy; the event will allow you to create your own eco-friendly shopping bag from recycled material. The University 60th Anniversary ‘Changing the world’ campaign banners will be used as the material and will create a long-lasting legacy of sustainability within the University.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to become a Green Shopper and help minimise your environmental impact.

All are welcome to this dynamic fun drop-in session!



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