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November 29, 2012
by Hembo Pagi via Computational Intensive Imaging Blog

Bringing you the very latest news and discussions on imaging activities across the University!
This monthly blog is brought to you by the chairs of the CII USRG: Jeremy Frey, Bill Brocklesby, Ian Sinclair.

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Random Hacks of Kindness Event: 1st – 2nd December at University of Southampton #rhoksoton

November 26, 2012
by Lisa Harris via Digital Economy USRG

Dirk Gorissen from Engineering is running this weekend’s Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) event in the University of Southampton Mountbatten Building (53). It takes place in the Common Room on Level 3. A RHoK (founded by Google, Microsoft, Nasa, and others) is all about bringing domain experts, programmers, and makers together for a weekend in […]

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Hacking the Notion of Cyber Security

November 19, 2012
by Jussi Parikka via Digital Economy USRG

Cyber security might have become a widespread term in public debate, government security arrangements as well as funding bodies’ strategical directions but it has longer historical and cultural roots. The recent organisation of security and defence around the at times ephemeral seeming threats of “the cyber” is pitched as a necessary move to combat the […]

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Digital Transformations 2012

November 18, 2012
by Nicole Beale via Digital Humanities

The Digital Transformations Moot 2012 takes place on the 19th November in London and is a large scale day-long event for all with an interest in the new AHRC theme ‘Digital Transformations’.  The theme aims to support the potential of digital technologies for transforming research in the humanities and the arts. Throughout the day, the […]

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Invitation for DE members to attend Industry Week

November 16, 2012
by Lisa Harris via Digital Economy USRG

The Web Science Doctoral Training Centre has put together a programme of activities in collaboration with the business community that will provide students with some incredible opportunities for their current research training and future career: (1)    Industry Week 3-7 December 2012 A programme of lunchtime industry seminars in the week December 3rd-7th. Over the five […]

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Speaking truth to power

November 15, 2012
by Catherine Pope via Work Thought Blog

The WFRC responds to parliamentary consultation on health workforce Speaking truth to power might be a duty of researchers or ‘public intellectuals’ but we seldom have direct access to the ears of those in government.  Instead we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to disseminate research via reports, conferences, papers and the occasional press […]

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Cybersecurity Research Students and the Digital Economy

November 13, 2012
by Graeme Earl via Digital Economy USRG

At the last DE lunch on 29 October 2012 Maire Evans, Dominic Hobson and Mu Yang spoke about their respective research activities in the area of Cybersecurity, co-ordinated via the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research. I thought that this offered a perfect example of multidisciplinary research in the Digital Economy and so I […]

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e-learning symposium 2013

November 13, 2012
by Sotondh via Digital Humanities

LLAS, Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies will hold its 8th annual elearning symposium on 24/5thJanuary 2013. The aim of the symposium is to seek to bridge the gap between the ‘techie’ and the teacher, giving educators ideas to help them integrate elearning into their practice but also to inspire them to see where the […]

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Live webcasts from the Internet Governance Forum

November 1, 2012
by Lisa Harris via Digital Economy USRG

Join live webcasts and discussions from the Internet Governance Forum in Baku. Thanks to everyone who voted for Internet Governance Forum sessions we should take part in as part of the Southampton Remote Hub. We’ll be following sessions on: cybercrime and rule of law; information and ethics; power, politics and internet filtering; social media and […]

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