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MDR Week: Blog no 4- New Horizons in Imaging

March 13, 2013
by Ian Sinclair

Join Professor Ian Sinclair for the seminar: ‘New Horizons in Imaging’ on Tuesday 19th March to hear how extraordinary advances in imaging lies at the heart of our current research activity. An insight into this exciting and multidisciplinary research field can be found below.


New Horizons in Imaging

By Professor Ian Sinclair



Our perspectives on the universe, to the structure of a molecule, are all brought graphically home by images.  The power of imaging lies in the development of new instrumentation and critical computational approaches.  Combined, we’ve seen new horizons, borrowed approaches from multiple disciplines, and opened up fresh fields for study.  In imaging, Southampton excels, but in novel and unique ways.  New Horizons in Imaging Science will demonstrate some of the exciting and different approaches to imaging being developed, and used for diverse purposes, within the Southampton community.

It’s become clear that many critical questions in contemporary science and engineering require a broader perspective than traditional disciplines can muster.  This may be a reflection of changes in fidelity of understanding, the emergence of new tools for manipulation of the world around us, the vastly increased availability of data, or simply a greater appreciation of the interconnected nature of the natural and manmade systems that we exist within.

Events such as the Multidisciplinary Research Week at the University of Southampton are a vital component in creating the links between research communities.




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