Summer break is when the Highfield campus loses its liveliness as the students go off for their long-awaited 3-month holiday. Some might have gone back to their hometown; others might have stayed for either an internship or work while the rest might be travelling around the world. However, the Highfield campus suddenly became active again during the 2- week long graduation ceremony that took place last week.

I attended the graduation ceremony for the Engineering and Physical Sciences graduates on the 23rd of July as some of my peers and seniors were graduating that day. It was a scorching hot day, as the sun was burning high up in the sky. However, one could not complain much as a sunny day is still more enjoyable than a wet cloudy day.

At the graduation ceremony, everyone was dressed at their very best: ladies in stunning dresses and men in charming suits. Graduates were walking around in their graduation caps and robes while holding bouquets of gorgeous flowers. The flowers ranged from pure white lilies to bright yellow sunflowers. Everyone was beaming with happiness. You could spot the parents of the graduates grinning non-stop as they embraced their child. It was unquestionably a proud moment for the graduates as they finally accomplished their degrees, masters or doctoral degrees.

I asked a few of my peers and seniors, “What will be your next step upon graduating?”. Some said they had secured a job while others will continue in the world of academics.

Nonetheless, I would like to extend a massive congratulations to the 2018/19 University of Southampton graduates and best wishes for all your future endeavours!

2018/19 Mechanical Engineering Graduates
2018/19 Graduates from Malaysia campus

Photo courtesy of Lai Chung Kwan.

Graduation 2019

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