Waking up early is usually a noteworthy feat for students who have begun their descent into the warm embrace of the summer holidays. However, on this day, a group of students have risen unusually early to gather on campus. The gathering marked the beginning of the two day Engineering Workshop Practice Training Programme at City College Southampton.

This event in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment was held to allow students to undergo workshop practice training sessions to familiarize and understand the different processes essential to the manufacturing and fabrication processes of any project.

As we donned our overalls, boots and safety goggles, a new determination soon rose up to say hi to the challenges that lay ahead. Little did we know of the exciting opportunities that were in store for us. The events that were prepared for us over the course of two days were the Tooling and Processes unit, Electronic Soldering unit, Turning and Milling unit, Pipe Soldering unit, Cutting and Joining unit, Mechanical Maintenance units, and a Composite Lay-up unit.

At each and every unit, we were met with the most patient and passionate tutors who offered guidance through the tasks allocated to us. With the objective of learning in mind, the experience has been both enlightening and exciting, because of the valuable hands-on experiences that will likely carry us for years to come. Most of the tasks also rewarded us with many little trinkets born from our own hands, like a small hammer, a candle holder, a mobile phone dock and a potent little circuit capable of charging a mobile phone.


Pipe Soldered Candle Holder


Phone Dock


Phone Charger


Thor’s Not-So-Mighty Hammer

At the end of the days, we found ourselves exhausted, but happy to have had this experience first-hand together. It was a great opportunity which allowed us to work together and complete tasks using machines that we would have otherwise delegated to more capable hands. Now that we can officially carry the title of “more capable hands”, future engineering projects will be hearing more from us in the future, and they will hear:


Workshop Adventures

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