The biting chill of winter has yet to fully pass, staff and student alike look forward to actually being warm. Then it blows cold from up north.


Well, 2 out of 7 days of sunlight is better than nothing. With such weather though, inner shirts and long johns proved to be invaluable, as the chill wind made it feel all the more colder. Some days prompting us to don three to four layers before leaving the warmth and comfort of our rooms. Though some forgo attending lessons altogether, refusing to subject themselves to the harsh climate and preferring to review recorded lectures. Not all of us are that lucky. Fortunately for myself, my lecturers are good at what they do, keeping the subject relevant and easily absorbable while holding our attention. Truly, good teachers make the journey worth it.20150721_155520

For what it’s worth though, the days of sun, though sporadic, have been truly amazing. Enough to prompt an unexpected excursion to the Southampton Commons. Meeting friendly humans and animals on a stroll, listening to birdsong on the way past. It was a cathartic experience that was much needed after the mid semester exams. I’m personally looking forward to my next walk. Whether with the hillwalking society, or a quick jaunt around and about the commons.



The sudden hail halfway through was an interesting experience though.

Wrapping up Whenever, Whatever the Weather

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