As the end of the year draws near, it is truly an eye opening spectacle to experience the changing of seasons firsthand. Not wanting to waste rent money over DecemberĀ Having been given this opportunity, instead of holing up in my warm cosy room, I decided to go on several day trips up and around South England.

a road well travelled
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Never a boring moment in friendly company

While trekking through the woods,breaking through the underbrush Ā and over the gentle rolling hills of Dean, we came upon a small clearing to have a lunch break. Granted it was a bit of an extended trip,no we did not get lostĀ but managed to reach the train station with seconds to spare. Protip, bring plenty of snacks and wear old clothing.

Another trip I’ve been on is to Nottingham for the Nottingham Malaysian Games. Where there were eventsĀ ranging from checker and speed chess to badminton and futsal.



There are more things to do in town instead of confining oneself to campus grounds however. I took a breather in the Nottingham Cathedral where there was an orchestra practising their pieces. The stress from the previous week was slowly washed away as I let myself be immersed in the soniferous harmony of the myriad of instruments arrayed across the floor.



Strolling through town brought upon myself an ample appetite, thus I headed over to the well regarded Christmas market stalls where there were more fun to be had. I happened across a stall professing to sell one of the hottest chili sauces in UK. As a Malaysian, how could I have passed this up? A friend and I sampled a few, and suffice to say, our legs were not the only part of us that felt a burning sensation that day.


Over hill and under trees

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