Autumn seems to be slipping past rather quickly. It puts up aĀ glorious display of colours on tree leaves for a brief moment, before stripping them bare sooner than anyone would have liked. For most of you who are here for the first year, coming from a tropical country where it’s summer for the entire year, winter will be mostly exciting. Although there is probably no snowfall in Southampton, the temperature can drop subzero occasionally. Therefore, here a few tips to make sure you are well prepared for winter.

  1. Get a good winter jacket (preferably one with a hood)

If you like to stay warm all the time, down jacket will be your best friend. Down of a bird is layer of fineĀ feathersĀ found under the tougher exterior feathers and is an excellent thermal insulation. Prices of a down jacket is usually more thanĀ Ā£40.


At this point, you’ve probably experienced the true British weather, gloomy and rainy most of the time. The hood will prove to be vital when the winds get too strong to handle during a rain for an umbrella. Plus, the winter rain are usually very temperamental, so with a hood, you’ll always be prepared.

2. Skin moisturiser

You might think you’ve survived well in Malaysia without a good skin care routine, winter months can get terribly drying. To the extent where your skin starts cracking and it gets really itchy. If you have dry skin, it would be best to get body butter that provides lasting moisturisation. You can usually find them in Boots or Body Shop.


3. Get a scarf and a Beanie

A scarf can be seen as more of a fashion statement nowadays, but it’s useful when the air gets too chilly and you can double it as a mask if you wrap it over your nose.


A beanie protects your ears from the frost bite (Southampton’s chilly wind can be quite unforgivingĀ at times) and it can also hide your wind-messed up hair. (Plus, it’s really cute and when else can you wear one šŸ™‚ )


It’s always better to dress up than dress down, i.e. stay warm than freeze yourself.

Also it’s better to layer up, because as previously mentioned, the temperature change can be quite drastic. Wear a jumper over your short sleeve tee and remove the jumper if you end up in an extremely hot and stuffy lecture theater.
So make sure you’ve got all these winter essentials and enjoy the cold!




3 Tips to be Ready for Winter

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