Over the years the University of Southampton Malaysian Campus oversees the education of students from all over Malaysia, and even from abroad. And while campus being a serene and beautiful place, one can’t help but wonder what other amazing sights does this place have to offer?

Have no fear, for the Johorean Introvert has appeared and am here to grace you with a story that will get you on your toes in no time.

It all started when my ex-classmates and I planned a trip to the Desaru Beach, perhaps the most well-known tourist attraction to have survived the testament of time. But I know what you might be thinking, “But Ryan, you’re a (stereo-typically) broke university student, how can you possibly afford such a trip?”

It certainly wasn’t easy, for after months of planning, my mates and I finally hatched a plan so cunning it boasted of a days worth at the beach with expenditure no more than RM100. Some might say this was a foolish dream to chase, but foolish we were, and this wild dream we certainly chased.

We arrived at the destination in the morning and promptly slipped into the local Hotel & Resort. Sure, the facilities were only restricted to guests of the resort, but we weren’t after the gyms and pools, were we? We bypassed all the screaming children and lethargic parents, and in the end, was greeted by the salty scent, soft sands and scorching sun-rays of the Desaru Beach.

The following day was filled with all the childhood activities one never would have taken part in hadn’t the beach be as empty as it was, such as swimming, choking on seawater, sunbathing, realize why Malaysians never sunbathe, building sandcastles, and giving up building sandcastles after contemplating the futility of it all from the grand perspective of things. Water-sports such as jet-skiing were also major highlights that were largely used to jeer at fellow friends who missed out on such opportunities.

And after a fun day, the long return trip home simply goes to show that time truly does travel at the speed of light when you’re having fun, and the best way to have fun is among friends.


The Gorgeous Ocean Blue


Taking In The Wind


Sandcastle Attempt #26


The Donut of Doom (Kid-Friendly Version)

*Desaru Beach pictures courtesy of Nicholas CCP

**Friendly reminder: If you do decide to plan a trip to Desaru, do plan ahead and get to know the Monsoon seasons, as it is ill-advised to enter the beach during these times.

A Day at the Beach

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