The Poster Day is a day where all students (in our case, those who are part of the Faculty of the Engineering and the Environment) gather to display and explain their final year project to academics. These academics come from a variety of backgrounds. They may be your lecturers, tutors or even your project supervisors. This year even GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a global healthcare company sent representative to see some of the project and were offering a cash prize of £300 to the most interesting poster in the bio-medical category. The Poster Day is traditionally held on the last day of term, which fell on the 3rd of June this year.


The Poster Day is also an assessment as part of the Individual Project module. Students will be marked based on the creativity of their posters and also on the delivery of their presentation. Of course, as you’d expect, this would make students like us nervous as the knowledge we’ve acquired throughout the duration of our project will be tested. Furthermore, it is not only our technical knowledge that will be tested, our ability to explain and speak clearly will also be tested.


Personally, I felt it was a great new experience going through this day. Creating the poster was challenging as it had to be designed so that it would attract people to come over and take a look at your poster. A further design aspect would also be the content of the poster. It is important that a poster is not flooded with information (i.e. being too ‘wordy’) because a poster is meant to be visually stimulating and having large chunks of text would deter viewers.

Here are some of the students from USMC standing by their posters:

jian binkai huilee kwongzubairhemantheddie



Poster Day: Promoting our projects

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