It is once again that time of the year again, where students are seen to be inexplicably holding up books, muttering under their breaths, and silently cursing themselves for not paying attention in class.

The examinations are often times the most stressful part of any students’ life. The weeks leading up to it are often fraught with students tirelessly hunching over a desk littered with so much paper, one would often question if the desk even existed in the first place. Even up till the final moments of waiting outside the examination halls are spent clutching to scraps of paper that are vehemently believed to contain the knowledge that would alter the course of destinies.

However, every engineering student knows that in their exams, it is almost never the lack of knowledge that triggers the trapdoor overseeing a fiery doom, it is not knowing how to wield the wealth of knowledge to solve problems that deals the killing blow. The fear that studying hard yet completely stumped by the question that follows may yet be the hardest blow on a man’s psyche.

And in that moment, the cast of a future engineer is formed. All that’s left is to fill it and mold it. An engineering career is never as simple as answering rhetorical questions, for there are real issues in the real world that are to be addressed by the engineers of tomorrow. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge, it is our duty to be able to apply them fluidly and make the world a better place.

To do well in exams, hard-work becomes a prerequisite as is common in examinations. In addition, practice is of utmost necessity. Study hard, study smart, stick to a schedule, lower all the distractions, and do not seek the easy way out.  And finally, believe in yourself and your skills to excel. Don’t let your gnawing self-esteem bring you down. Remember, the whole world might be rooting for you someday, but for now, lets start with you rooting for yourself.

You can do it!



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2nd Year Final Examination Blues

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