Britain is seriously one of the major online shopping country in the world. I do shop online once in a while when in Malaysia, but those are mostly just clothing shopping. I feel like my whole shopping experience has been revolutionised within the short amount of time here in the UK.

You can seriously buy anything online! From daily groceries to snacks and clothing to stationery, not to mention most of them have next day delivery!

1 Groceries


For groceries, most of the major stores such as Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Tesco, Aldi with discounts and free delivery if you reach certain quotas – great for buying a week’s worth of groceries. They also offer in-store collection whereby you can browse online if you are too lazy to walk through all the aisles and they will pack all your groceries, ready for collection at any chosen time slot. This is especially useful for exam periods where you are too lazy  busy to head out. Imagine instead of wasting 1 hour for the whole journey, it is just a short 5 minutes trip down to your hall’s reception or front door to pick up your stuff! Also handy if you buy a lot of groceries at once, because it can get pretty heavy.

Also, to satisfy your inner Asian cravings, many Asian supermarkets (such as UKCNSHOP) also offer delivery for everything from your favourite Korean Kimchi, Chinese cabbages, Japanese instant noodles to your favourite Korean skincare and makeup brands! It truly is an all-in-one package.

2. Food


If you think cooking takes up too much time or simply because you can’t cook, your lunch/dinner is just a click away. Intermediate delivery companies, such as Deliveroo and Just Eat offer take out delivery from a list of your favourite local eatery. Simply browse through the app, pay and wait for the food to arrive at your doorstep.

3. Clothings


Shopping for clothing has never been this easy and relaxing. If you have gone to any shops during weekends and sales season (Black Friday omg) you will know sometimes the shopping experience can be quite unpleasant with long fitting room queue, chaotic browsing area and long cashier queue. Although shopping online means that you cannot try beforehand and refund or return process used to be so lengthy and complicated, that piece of clothing just ends up in your wardrobe reject pile. Well no more of this, literally all shopping sites offer free 30 days return, simply drop it at your nearest post office or collection points and you will be refunded within a few working days- no questions asked!

This eliminates all sort of risk previously associated with online shopping. Plus, sometimes there are online exclusive sales and discounts that made it so irresistible. One of my favourite moment is when I receive my parcel, it feels like a present from myself.. to myself!

4. Miscellaneous

online shopping

Other miscellaneous stuff you can always get it from your trusty Amazon, eBay and others where online items are usually cheaper than in store’s. Even if it is urgent, Amazon prime offer ONE HOUR delivery or next day delivery at an extra cost.

Trust me, shopping has never been this hassle-free and is a major plus point about living in the UK.

Shopping Online

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