When I was young, I did not know that I would¬†fall in love with¬†jazz music that much but things¬†started to change by¬†just¬†a single “mistake” click on one of the YouTube videos.¬†

On that heavily raining, cozy day, I could vividly remember the first modern jazz music that I now listen to for ages, the music was called¬†“Temple of Dreams” by¬†Jonathan Fritz√©n.

During the initial exposure to the¬†instrumental music, I didn’t¬†know which genre of music it actually belonged to. All I could imagine at that time was a picture of myself enjoying a glass of wine with a background music playing the smooth melodies embellished¬†with clean detached notes. Since then, my interest in jazz started to develop and my journey to the world of jazz music¬†began.

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Throughout the years of listening to jazz,  I have developed personalized preferences and acoustical acuity toward smooth jazz pieces. Hence, I have listed a range of smooth jazz artists and their respective musical work that I highly recommend you add in your playlist:

1.Gregg Karukas –¬†Night Shift
Night Shift is definitely a representative of his extraordinary work in jazz community in my opinion. In this particular jazz piece, I love how GK started off the sequences with coupled harmonious notes. This is definitely a must-have music for a break or unwinding after school/work.

photo source: newsthump.com

2. Gregg Karukas – Soul Kisses

Again this cleverly-written song started off with cleanly separated piano notes and finished off by the improvisations accompanied with the tenor saxophonist. This could be your upcoming holiday track!

Source: www.hdwallpapersact.com

3. Freddie Ravel- Sunny Side Up
I just love how Freddie tickles the ivories. Rather than the other two, Sunny Side Up could really hype you up in the morning.

grass morning dew
Source: http://www.hdwallpapera.com/grass-morning-dew/

4. Shilts- A Promise is a Promise
I am extremely admiring how Shilts could bring his bright tone on his alto saxophone into a spotlight. If you do love bright sound and uptempo jazz, Jeff Kashiwa Р(Show me love) could be your next playlist too. 

Source: www.youmatter.suicidepreventionlifeline.org
Source: www.youmatter.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

5. Euge Groove РSlow Jam
Euge Grove plays various style of saxophone music including funk as in¬†the¬†“XXL”. Exceptionally, this was one of the smooth jazz piece¬†that is packed with sad sentiments and affections.

Steven Grove who is usually known as “Euge Groove”

6. Jessy J РHot Sauce
Who says she can’t play? I love the wildness of her tenor saxophone sound and the latter altissimo¬†G growls. The combination of note bending and vibrato techniques paint the harmonies up!


I hope that this short blog article could help you understand jazz better – if not then there there are a lot of interesting news articles about jazz music and how it relates to your cognitive abilities.¬†In this article, I have mentioned quite a number of artists¬†and their respective work. And here’s another bonus, they are easily accessible on YouTube and I hope you could have your own fun time discovering this genre of music, too! Let me know what you think.

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