Over the years, how the world views Engineering students has changed thanks to the illustrious portrayal of students by various movies, myths and mysticism.

To the casual onlooker, an Engineering student is nothing more than a bespectacled Math and Physics buff who has a knack of putting together Rube Goldberg machines with a tendency to either explode or cause human extinction via world domination.

I would not dispute that statement.

We students have also on various occasions been described as social shut-ins with less-than-average people skills, perhaps due to prolonged exposure to programming languages and scientific notations. This is largely opposed by we the students, considering we are generally very sociable, except when trying to study or trying to code. These activities generally take hours off our social lives, leaving us with very little, very valuable time left to enjoy the finer things in life, like solidarity.

At times like these, we as individuals find solace with the wonderful fellow students by our sides. These are the people who speak our language and relates to the eternal struggles one faces as a involuntary shut-in, mainly because of them occupying the same sinking boat we are trying to fix. These are the people whom one could have a hearty laugh with over a Thermodynamics pun despite there being 2 lab report deadlines looming over our heads like guillotines.

At times like these, the lecturers have always made themselves available, lending a listening ear to those who need it. Being able to hold discussions with them, be it academic or otherwise has been a part of the student experience to be most thankful for. Knowing that someone who has been through it all is available when the going gets tough, can be both comforting and morale-boosting.

As a student, lifestyle changes may be inevitable due to its necessity. Sometimes, adapting to change is the only way to move forward, and it may prove too difficult to handle alone. However, you wouldn’t be the only one staying up late completing a project. In the dark and dreary nights of sleeplessness, there are candles flickering in many other rooms as well. Find them, reach out, communicate.

My fellow students, you are not alone, and you don’t have to be.

Good luck and stay strong.


Engineering Students — A Perspective

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