For the past one and a half years, I have permitted myself the pride of calling myself a Mechanical Engineering Student. A certain care had to be taken when I made that decision so as to not tarnish the title when I wore it.

I, uh….. tried my best.

The moment I completed my first day in campus, I knew I had to up my game. The road ahead was not a simple one. No longer did I have teachers who harped on a subject over and over till the idea was branded onto my brain, no longer did I have the luxury of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”. The ideology was simple.

Spoon-feeding was something I’d have to do to myself.

To the casual onlooker, this all might sound like the start of a nervous breakdown, which begs the question — How is it possible to stay sane?

Coping with Copious Stress

First things first, dear reader, I have a whole class of Mechanical students in the same boat. When the boat starts sinking, it is only natural that a team of brilliant young minds can think their way out of this mess. Being part of that team, also means you have to look out for each other. Look around, there might be some poor lad struggling to catch up, offer a hand if you got one to spare.

Secondly, the lecturers are there for you, you need only ask. Every question I had shot at my lecturers have left me enlightened. Every student is also assigned a mentor lecturer should they ever feel the need of a listening ear, a guiding hand or simply a place to vent. Personally, I doubt my mentor even knows my name, however, it remains a safe place in the furthest corner of my mind, knowing that there is someone I can go to should things get too tough.

If you’re like me, you love machines. You love robots. You love making designs and realizing them. Remember that love. Your passion shall be your greatest strength. That can be your motivation, your source of discipline, your scythe needed to strike down the thicket to better envision your dazzling future. Love your classes, strive to learn something new from it every passing moment. Learning is only as fun as the interest you invest in it .

University life is fun, and can prove to be the best years of your life. Cherish your time here, stay ahead of your game, and always keep in mind the main reason you are here. There is a future awaiting you at the end of this. Be prepared, for you and only you control its brightness.

Hence, to my juniors and anyone who aspire to be engineer wherever you are:

Go get em.

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