It has been almost one whole semester since I have arrived in Southampton, how time flies!








Photo of the Southampton City.

Settling in in the beginning has been extremely smooth and easy thanks to all of my friends who came with me from the Malaysia campus. We progress through the transitioning period together and I have never felt alone or homesickness thus far. Although I do miss slightly the warm and sunny weather back in Malaysia and most importantly, the Malaysian food (should have had a lot more Roti Canai and Teh Tarik when I had the chance!).

Being a third year student means I am busier than ever with my individual project and never ending coursework, assignments and quizzes that is nothing like the past 2 years. Currently preparing for my first exam in the UK (hello 9am exams, no more 4.30pm exams to accommodate the time difference)! One plus point would be the identical syllabus and similar teaching methods in both campuses. This has made it easy for me to get used to the new studying environment with additionally new facilities to utilise. Despite the much bigger class size in comparison, lecturers here are just as, if not more helpful and dedicated as they always ready to clear your doubts even outside the classroom.

Studying in this new environment is more exciting than ever with loads of fun activities to do besides academic stuff. There are so many clubs and societies to choose from over here and I am now an active member of the pottery society, hillwalking club and photography society. Weekly pottery session allows me to destress for a few hours by playing with clay and painting it. Hillwalking club is the perfect club to meet new friends while walking around scenic natural places here in the UK. I also went Brighton with the photography club while learning a few new skills to improve my photography. Last weekend, I travelled to Bath with my friends and was completely blown away by the amazing gothic architecture of the Abbey and the ingenious engineering involved to build the Roman Bath.



Sunset in Brighton with the Photography Society.


New Forest with the Hillwalking Club.


Roman Bath with friends.

I guess I have to wait until after exams to be able to travel again. Good luck to all students! Till then!

Malaysia ✈ Southampton

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