Living with Dementia: Ordinary Lives, Inspirational Voices



Tula Brannelly welcomesTulaBrannelly1 you to our blog site for Living with Dementia: Ordinary Lives and Inspirational Voices.

This public engagement project is supported by the University of Southampton Public Engagement with Research unit.

Living with dementia: Ordinary Lives, Inspirational Voices presents the ordinary lives and inspirational voices of people with dementia, through the media of biographical portraits and film. Bringing together people with dementia, advocates, researchers and doctoral students from the University’s Alzheimer’s Society funded Doctoral Training Centre, the stories of ordinary men and women with dementia tell a tale that helps others grasp the impact of dementia on everyday life and on a person’s biography. Exhibitions are scheduled for Southampton Central Library from 22nd July 2017, and the Hansard Gallery at the University of Southampton from September. We will also show the portraits at Demfest, Hillier Gardens on 10th September.

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