George's Marvellous Medicine


About the Website

Introducing scientific techniques to children at a young age is so important, yet science is something that may be alien to many pupils. By using something that children are already familiar with, it will help them to better understand the concepts and procedures, and still making it fun!

Through the use of the book George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, primary school students can start to explore science through simple activities, teaching them about the way science has shaped our world.  This will help children to understand the nature, processes and methods of science, in line with the National Curriculum.

This website is designed to aid primary school teachers by providing online resources (such as lesson plans, technician requirements and printables) which can be taken straight to the classroom.  By providing quality resources online in one place, it makes it simpler and easier for teachers to teach science in an interactive way.  With all the resources, your school could put on a George’s Marvellous Medicine Primary Science Day – a day packed full of scientific activities and learning.  Not only that, but pupils have a designated section on the website, where fun online activities can be found.  This means children can be solidifying their learning even when they are not at school.

For information about who is involved in the creation of these amazing resources and this website, or to put on a George’s Marvellous Medicine Day of your own, head to Author’s Note (Information about Collaborators).