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Electrochemistry Activities

We can’t wait to get back to our hands-on activities with the public. We will be seeing you as soon as we can for more electrochemistry activities. See our Twitter page for what we’ve been up to recently.

The Water Transistor

We have an exhibition at the Winchester Science Centre!

Transistors are at the core of all computers and are vital for modern life. Learn more about how transistors work from our water transistor. Scientists at the University of Southampton are working on new transistors to help create the next electronic devices.

The water transistor is a working model of a transistor which demonstrates how real transistors work. Our water transistor forms the centre of our exhibit at the Winchester Science Centre (opened January 2019). Our travelling water transistor is identical to this one but smaller.

Our giant water transistor at Winchester Science Centre shows how current flows in a transistor using water
Transistors display at Winchester Science Centre

The Electrochemical Circus electrochemistry activities

Electrochemical Circus logo

The Electrochemical Circus is a collection of portable, hands-on activities which demonstrate key concepts in our electrochemistry research. Topics we’ve included in the Electrochemical Circus are: electrochemistry, nanotechnology, materials physics, electronics, and making nano-sized things.

Activities currently available as part of the Electrochemical Circus include:

    • Gold fingerprinting: learn how gold is electroplated from solution. Participants are introduced to electrochemical concepts, and are able to take home a souvenir of their own fingerprint in gold plate. To understand what is happening when we deposit gold, see our Electrodeposition section on this site
    • The suitcase of curiosities: a collection of items that are both visually appealing, interesting to touch and relevant to ADEPT research, which provides ’hooks’ for conversations. We chose the items to make science more approachable and hands-on for non-scientists, and to give insight into the life of a scientist

The Electrochemical Circus is usually available as a classroom workshop for Key Stages 3, 4 & 5; we show off elements of the Electrochemical Circus at major public engagement activities at the Universities of Southampton, Nottingham and Warwick.

We take part in the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival each year, last year, you could spot our ringmasters in their red lab coats and top hats, directing people around our activities. For 2020, Southampton Science and Engineering Festival is online.

children watch as their fingerprints are coated with real gold by electrodeposition, one of our electrochemistry activities
Light Up Poole, 2019

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in our outreach projects or organise a visit to a school.