Update from Tanzania by Dr. John McNabb: A postcard from Africa 4

Sadly this is my last postcard from Africa. We had a quiet weekend reading and discussing various plans for the future. Today (Monday 5th) on the other hand was a busy one. Pastory, James and I had a productive meeting this morning with colleagues and collaborators from the National Museum.

Dr. James Cole with a Large LCT at the National Museum in Dar.

@JamesColeArch with a Large LCT at the National Museum in Dar.

This afternoon was another memorable one. The three of us did some teaching for Pastory’s students from the BA and Master’s programs from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, and colleagues from the National Museum. Dr Kwaka, the principle curator for Archaeology at the museum joined us, bringing his invaluable geological experience to the mix. We used artefacts from the Olduvai Gorge collection to illustrate our points. It was amazing to be handling pieces from such famous sites as EF-HR, MNK and FLK, famous names I’d grown up with since my undergraduate days. Pastory, James and I really enjoyed our afternoon, and the students seemed to enjoy it too.

Tomorrow we fly back taking with us the memory of a beautiful country, new friends and colleagues, and some spectacular archaeology. All in all a very productive trip and great fun too.

Wishing you were all here