Bring Your Bones! Bones Identification Day 8th August

Osteologists Visit Basing House

Do you have a mystery bone that you dug up in the garden or found whilst walking the dog?

Would you like to find out more about how archaeologists identify bones?

We have fantastic news for you!

Some lovely skulls to whet your appetite!

Some lovely skulls to whet your appetite! Can you identify all of these chaps?

Bones Identification Day at Basing House

8th August 11am-4pm

Ellie Williams and her team will be visiting Basing House on the 8th August to show a selection of bones from the University of Southampton’s collection.

The team have offered to carry out bones identification while they are on site, so dig out (get it?!) those bones that you’ve been hoarding and bring them along to find out more.

Animal remains are often one of the most abundant finds on archaeological sites and their study offers valuable insights into human-animal interactions in the past. From diet to hunting and farming strategies, food preparation techniques to ritualistic behaviour and belief systems, zooarchaeology can provide a wealth of information.

Osteologists from Southampton, equipped with a new forest pony, an arthritic cow and a butchered pig, together with a range of fascinating specimens from our skeletal collections will allow you to explore some of the many and diverse ways in which zooarchaeology can inform us on everyday life in the past.

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