How do I access the Panopto section of Blackboard?

Follow these instructions to enter the Panopto area of your Blackboard course

Please note: These instructions presume that you have enabled Panopto within your Blackboard course

  • Log into Blackboard at
  • Find your course name in the course list
    My Courses, Courses you are an instructor, ITAL9033
  • On the left hand menu select “Recorded Sessions”, although you may have chosen to give this section a different name
    Blackboard menu, Recorded sessions highlighted in red

What if I don’t have this area in my Blackboard course?

If you don’t see the Recorded Sessions link it is likely that your Blackboard course is not provisioned for use with Panopto. You can provision your course with these instructions –

It is also possible that you previously provisioned your Blackboard course for use with Panopto, but chose not to add the Recorded Sessions link to the menu. In this case you’ll find Panopto in “Tools”, then look for “Panopto Content”.