QuestionMark OnDemand Automated Emails

You should expect to receive a number of automated emails from iSolutions when scheduling your exam.

Email 1

  • Information on the new OnDemand service and process
  • What information is missing from your request

Optional email

  • Details of failed tests

Email 2

  • The results of the tests that we run to ensure your exam is ready for use with Perception and ExamStart
  • A link to a PDF copy of the exam to check (this PDF will be secured to just the requester, author and faculty office)

Email 3

  • Confirmation that your exam has been uploaded to Perception OnDemand
  • Links to test a real version of your exam

Email 4

  • Confirmation that your exam has been scheduled in ExamStart

Email 5

  • Results

Why all the emails?

This process is designed to ensure that computer-based exams can be checked and processed before the exam timetable has been finalised. We can start preparing your exam as soon as it is ready and then schedule it closer to your exam date without rushing authors to make checks at the last minute.