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Professor Rod Rhodes, Professor of Government at the University of Southampton and Director for the Centre of Political Ethnography.

Sofia Kitromili helped me to set up the web site for the Centre for Political Ethnography. She was punctual, efficient and pleasant. We lesser mortals who merely use IT like we used typewriters can be intimidated and irritated in equal measure  by, for example,  the youthful all-knowing nerds who sell and service our Smart Phones and other devices. Sofia is all-knowing but not in the least irritating or intimidating. She was a joy to work with not least because she made helpful suggestions for improving the web site. It would be misleading to say I supervised her. It would be more accurate to say she guided me through the arcane mysteries of setting up and running a web site and made me think I understood what was going on.”

Dr E James W West, Executive Director, South East Physics Network

“We are pleased with the new SEPnet website that Tim and Sylvian designed for us. It’s now in production and we’re getting good feedback. We now have the capability for producing better content with stronger integration with social media and have more of my team able to safely produce the content.”

Julie Watson, Head of eLanguages and Principal Teaching Fellow in eLearning

“We approached the Digichamps to ask for help recording video interviews with students for use in multimedia learning resources created by the eLanguages unit in Modern Languages. Members of the Digichamps team responded promptly and professionally to all communications and delivery of the final footage – which was useful and good quality – was swift and efficient. We highly recommend them. We have also used a Digichamp to introduce us to Chinese social networks – which we still use in relation to one of our projects.”

Karen Woods, Communications Consultant

“The Digichamps helped us celebrate 50 years of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton by using social media to convey the excitement of the event. They also filmed interviews with academics and other delegates. This helped us reflect our current research and will aid in recruiting students to carry on our work in this exciting area of engineering.”

Karl Simpson, Director of Health and Pharma Strategies

“What a rapid turnaround. The support was absolutely on target and we are really grateful for the enlightened summary, which we shall hope to adapt for the UIST Health & Pharma website.”

Laurence Georgin, Academic Coordinator

“We received great support from the digichamps. We needed to edit a ‘Draw my life’ video for our ‘Feedback project.’ As we didn’t have much time to do it ourselves, the digichamps offered to help, and overnight, our video was edited! On top of this, the digichamps suggested very useful tips to improve the navigation of our website. We’re so glad we got in touch with the digichamps!”

Joe Hammond, Emeritus Professor of the ISVR

“We welcomed your input in the run up to the Symposium when you advised us on the opportunities of using Social Media sites to publicise and promote the event. This triggered a very positive response from our PhD students in particular.

When we came to the Symposium itself your video recording of the lecture and other presentations will be a very valuable addition to our archive.  The videos of the informal personal interviews during the event conducted with Karen Woods captured the celebratory feel of the event perfectly, and they will go onto our website www.isvr50.soton.ac.uk. The three minute collection of parts of these interviews and general shots of the audience that you put up on Youtube has been widely enjoyed, and has also been included on the home page of our website.

It will be a while before we are able to include all that you have provided for us, and we are very grateful for this lasting record of this unique event in the life of the ISVR, covered so professionally.

With my personal thanks to you for all you have done for the ISVR.”

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